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Milwaukee, WI

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This page is about Milwaukee based fine art photography. Portraying laughter, loud music, variety, scenic wonders, sincerity, singing out loud, authenticity, and genuine, true moments in the lives of people in and around the Milwaukee area.

The art, skill, and practice of photographing and preserving images is known as photography. From the joyful morning preparations to the evening toasts, wedding photography allows you to relive the whole day. These key moments help to convey the wonderful tale of your wedding, which will pass by so quickly that you'll want something concrete to look back on and cherish.

Booking your venue is a quick and easy method to find a photographer, which should be one of the first items on your wedding to-do list anyhow. By committing to a certain place, you may start your search for specialists in the area.

Photogenic Spots in Milwaukee:

  • Villa Terrace

    Villa Terrace is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin historic building. It was constructed in 1924 as an Italian Renaissance-style residence on a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan for the Lloyd R. Smith family. 

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  • Turner Hall

    Turner Hall is conveniently located at the heart of Milwaukee’s downtown and is the perfect backdrop to an eclectic mix of shows that welcomes all ideas, ages and cultures with the stunningly beautiful backdrop of a European opera house.

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  • Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

    Milwaukee's comprehensive nature facility is the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Schlitz Audubon seeks to protect Lake Michigan's unique ecosystems while also providing memorable experiences and environmental education to the community.

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  • Best Place Brewery

    Best Place, which was built in 1858, is one of Milwaukee's most historic structures. The venue's layout and decor are as distinctive as the variety of events it hosts. This historic facility has two event halls and more than 150 years of expertise making guests happy.

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Featured photographer: Tia Brindel

Tia Brindel of Little Giant Photography is uniquely suited to beautifully chronicle your wedding in her comfortable and natural approach, having earned a BFA in photography and art education from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Tia has been a professional photographer since 2006, and she has established herself as one of Milwaukee's greatest fashion photographers throughout that period. She's the ideal wedding photographer for your classy wedding party, with her photojournalistic flair and great taste. She captures dramatic yet relaxed images that would appeal to any bride with modern tastes.

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“At our engagement session Tia was very laid back and fun and captured moments of us when we thought she wasn't taking any pictures and they are my absolute favorites.”

Sterling Lawyers

Tia has incredible skill and was able to capture our personality and flair in her photographs. She was perfect for our needs!


“Simple does not mean plain — it means elegant — and Tia knows that instinctively. Her perfect cropping also tells the story she wants it to in just one frame.”