lucky ducks ~ isabelle: age 3 | milwaukee lifestyle photographer

I met Isabelle and her parents last May as she was turning 2 years old.
Over the past year she has gotten much taller, her hair has gotten much bigger, and she is certainly growing more and more beautiful all the time…

She is a spirited little girl, the only way to be in my opinion, and absolutely stunning.

If you remember her story, you know that she was a safe haven baby… lucky enough to be given prenatal care by her birth mother, and immediately fostered and shortly after adopted by parents.
I found their story inspiring.  I love the fact that Isabelle was one of so many babies given up or abandoned, who happened to fall so easily into a life filled with love.

It seems to me their cup is full, what a lovely family.

Isabelle greeted me at the door with a hug (the best), wearing mom’s heels (even better!)
Then we headed out for a little nature walk.

When the sun wore us out we headed back inside for some playroom fun, where she insisted on listening to Rhianna… hilarious!

I totally LOVE the look she gives mom here… moments like these are the rewards we get for all the hard work we put in as parents.

And, as is my trend lately… I finished off the session with a favorite shot.

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