and vivian makes four | milwaukee newborn photographer


I’m a pretty lucky gal to make a living doing what I do.
People invite me into their homes and their lives to capture and then retell their stories… it’s magical and I love it!
And every so often I’m invited to do this for the people in my life.

I’ve know Andy for over a decade and have always loved him to pieces.  And I feel so lucky to say that his lady, Cortney, has become one of my
great girlfriends over the past few years.
They are good through and through, with only warmth and creativity to spread to those around them.

Three years ago they brought Abraham into the world (on my birthday!) and now they’ve graced us all with Vivian.  She is dainty and lovely,
and hopefully one day, will have as many gorgeous freckles as her beautiful mommy.

I love this family, and I love retelling this chapter of their story.

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