pretty in pink~my adeline | Milwaukee children’s lifestyle photography

This girl… my Adeline,

came as a surprise, is a ball of fire, LOVES elephants, has many irrational fears, drives me bananas, is compassionate and caring, makes friends wherever she
goes, makes me laugh, makes me cry, always fits in, can argue anything until she’s blue in the face, is learning how to be a wonderful big sister, is SO intelligent,
sings like a little bird, puts ranch dressing on everything she eats, lights up the room, is way more articulate than any child should be, is rarely graceful, but
always a genuine character, amazes me constantly, makes every day a struggle… and a gift, is growing up WAY too fast, has changed everything.

She is six years old, and so loved.


2 thoughts on “pretty in pink~my adeline | Milwaukee children’s lifestyle photography

  1. Love every one of these photos. I am Becky Bell’s mom and hear of you and your children often. You are one great artist and these photos are precious. An instant portfolio. She is beautiful.

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