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Photographing children can be a challenge.  LOADS of fun, but sometimes difficult… especially when the kids are your own.

A couple of days ago, I set out with my little ones to scout a new location, play with some sunlight, and hopefully get one great new image
of them together  (something “frame-worthy” ).  ~  They were such total monsters from the moment we stepped out of the car!
My son Ezra has a very bad habit lately of bolting off in any direction he can, and he is FAST!  While Adeline, whines and complains and pokes
at her little brother to get the attention turned back to her.  But when they’re not being absolute beasts, they are my perfect little angels.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to take a step back, and just let them be… whether it be angels or monsters.  The reason I photograph them
{and all of my clients} is to capture who they are and hopefully show it to the world in a way that’s beautiful.

And in the end it all works out.  While I got plenty of grumpy looks and shots of the back of their heads… I also captured 2 of my favorite
images of them together to date.  I love them so much in fact, that I’m making them into giant canvases for our new home.

I gotta love my little monsters!

Adeline was NOT in any mood to follow direction.


And Ezra sometimes WON’T stop talking…
But  then moments later, these happened.


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