Milwaukee Wisconsin Children’s Photographer | My Ezra is 3

When you first become a parent, it’s difficult to imagine that you could ever possibly love another being as much as you love your child…
until you have another.

My Ezra: amazes me every day, is incredibly sensitive… and equally sweet.  He is terribly smart, and completely hilarious.
He loves trains, and pickles, and warm snuggly blankets.
He loves to wrestle his Daddy, turn light switches on and off, and walk on his tippee toes.
He describes anything in multiples as “too many”, anything small as “teeny tiny”, and is almost never seen without a toy engine in hand.
And he adores his big sister.

He’s a tiny spark of wonderful in this questionable world, and has taught me so much about love and about who I am as a mother.

He’s become such a big boy, and does most things on his own now… but I hope he’ll always call me “mommy”.

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