OBX-Outer Banks, NC Lifestyle Photographer | Family Vacation 2012

My husband and I are notorious for having bad vacation experiences.  Though we always make the most of it,
we have horrible luck when it comes to travel.
I’m talking monsoons, bedbugs, floods, the Red Cross, 30 degrees at Sea World, trips cancelled due to hurricanes and much more!

So when this year’s family vacation turned out wonderfully, you can image just how enjoyable it was for us.

We had wonderful weather and zero drama from the kids (who were SO good on the long car ride).   Justin’s brother Evan (uncle Eban)
was able to stay with us for a few days… the last time he met us on a trip he spent the night with the Red Cross!  
We had some sunny beach days, some family activity days, and even some lazy days around the house.  
Justin was able to get out surfing at least once, nearly every day we were there (which is a very BIG deal to him), maybe next
time I’ll be able to get some shots of him in the water…  
Most importantly, the kids had an absolute blast, and we all enjoyed our time together so very much!

We can’t wait to return.

Many of my favorite shots from our trip to the Outer Banks are on Instagram, you can view my IG feed here.

I’m no landscape photographer, but I couldn’t get enough of these gorgeous colors at sunrise and sunset!

Our beach rental… she treated us well.

Me looking thrilled about the misty winds, I was having fun.

I love this sea grass, I even took a piece home to Wisconsin to put in a frame.


All photos taken in:
Waves, NC
Rodanthe, NC
Ocracoke, NC
Cape Hatteras, NC

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