Ezra is Five | A Polar Express Birthday

Last summer while I was editing a very high end, very extravagant wedding, Ezra walked up to me at my desk and said, “Who’s birthday is that”?
I knew right then that I’ve been setting the bar a little too high with these fancy birthday parties, and I swore I’d tone it down notch from then on…
But it’s so much fun!
(and Ezra deserves at least one grand party before I ease up)

This was Ezra’s first official birthday party, and it was a blast!
Our little” trainac” is obsessed with the Polar Express.  And with his birthday only month before Christmas, it was the perfect theme.
We looked at the classic book, watched the movie, had nougat candies and hot cocoa, and of course, played with trains… all in our p.j.s.
The boys all had a great time, and I can’t believe my baby is already 5!

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