Milwaukee Lakefront Family Photography | The Uppals

milwaukee lakefront family photography

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Ava’s First Communion – Editorial portraits at Boerner Botanical Gardens

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Milwaukee Family Fall Photographer – Mitchell Park, Brookfield – The Honkamps

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Wauwatosa Family Photography, the Atkinson’s fall session at Hoyt Park

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Fun Milwaukee Family Photography | The Family W at the Marsupial Bridge

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Natural Milwaukee Family Photographer | the Family D at Lake Park

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Finding Saoirse | Adeline’s first fury friend

My Adeline has never really been into dolls or Barbie or princess stories, but she has always LOVED animals.

A short while ago, while visiting some friends (and their daughters with hamsters) some things became clear.
1. she still absolutely loves animals, especially these tiny critters
2. she was ready for a special responsibility

She needed to wait nearly a week between receiving the special birthday gift
(a gift card and the cage set up) and the day we had planned for her to choose her fury friend.
So I surprised her one Friday afternoon with leaving school early to head to the pet store.
It was kismet, she knew her friend the moment she saw her. We brought her along for frozen custard on the
trip home (Kopp’s caramel cashew – my favorite), and brainstormed names on the car ride.
She narrowed it down to “Sugar-Cream”, “Helen” and “Saoirse”, and then gently settled her tiny pet in to
her new home, with a new name. She’s now proving to be a wonderful pet owner.

And Soirse is the coolest little hamster ever… friendly, active and curious. Just like Adeline.

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