Live Birth Photography in Milwaukee | Arlo {just born}

We all have our wishes, dreams and plans for our children… starting with the day they’re born.
Arlo’s parents had planned on a natural, home birth, with their three older children present.
 But a grand entrance all of his own is what this peanut had in mind for his birthday.

His mom regularly carries her babies past their due dates… like 3-4 weeks past their due dates!  So by the fourth time around
she certainly knew the drill.  But when a routine stress test detected no movement from baby 3 weeks past his due date,
she was sent to the hospital to be induced.  And when baby proved to be under too much stress, an emergency C-section was in order.
I wasn’t able to photograph the C-section, but being there to capture the first time Arlo met his older siblings the next morning
was definitely the very next best thing, and couldn’t have been any sweeter.

It wasn’t what they had planned for, but just look at what they were given!

Arlo Langston Willacker 
born 11.12.13
9 lbs. 10 oz.  21 inches

Milwaukee Wisconsin Live Birth Photography | Introducing New Photography Services

The most miraculous experience… even more memorable than your wedding day, is the arrival of a child.

I’m so excited to announce a new documentary style photography service.  Little Giant Photography is now offering Live Birth Photography Sessions!

Each birth experience is very different and absolutely amazing.  Childbirth teaches you so much about your abilities as a woman, about your
relationship with your partner, and the entirely new capacity to love another person more than you ever thought possible.
It’s first breaths, first cries, and gazing into the eyes of love of your life for the very first time.

I am honored to share in your experience, and to capture your precious memories with timeless documentary photography.
And I promise to try not to cry… too much.

If you or someone you know is interested in the very special experience of Live Birth Photography, please contact
Little Giant Photography for more information. | | 414-916-1481


Wisconsin Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Happy New Year!


2012 was an amazing year!

For my little family it meant, our first home (and all of the other wonderful firsts that come with home ownership), a new amazing neighborhood and the 
new friends we’ve made in our new neighbors, and a fantastic new school for the kids (it’s something really special)!

My son is potty training, my daughter learned to read, my husband got a new job which gives him more “family time”, and Little Giant Photography 
is happily growing.  Old friends have gotten married and had babies, and I’ve made many new friends in colleagues and contacts.
And, this time last year I was just launching this blog, which I’ve enjoyed so much!
In the coming weeks I hope to post some personal work here, before sessions start back up… be on the lookout for loads of photos of my babies.

Of course not all years are this great, but I’m hoping for many, many more!
Thank you to our family and our friends, old and new, and to all of my clients and followers who’ve made 2012 so great.

To celebrate, I’ve decide to start 2013 with a great New Years Special with a discount for all.
Let’s make 2013 fantastic all around, starting with your photography!

.details below.

This offer valid through the month of January, 2013 (from 9am 1/1/13 – 5pm 1/31/13)

This offer may not be combined with any other special, offer or discount.  One per client only please.

Book your 2013 portrait session in January (may be scheduled for a later date) and receive $50 off the regularly priced portrait session fee.
$50 discount may be applied to the session fee only, not redeemable towards travel, prints, albums or other products.

Book your 2013 wedding in the month of January and receive a complimentary engagement session ($300+ value).
complimentary engagement session valid on full day coverage 2013 weddings only.  The value may not be applied to wedding coverage time,
travel or other expenses, or towards prints, albums or other products.  Includes engagement session only, prints and digital files sold separately.

Happy 2013!

Milwaukee Live Birth Photographer | Happy Birthday Pippa!


Some moments in life are simply miraculous. Birthing a baby (especially a first baby) is at the top of the list.
Learning just what your body and spirit are capable of is one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have.  And while
the experience isn’t necessarily pretty, it is absolutely glorious and beautiful.
And these are the moments that turn into stories that last a lifetime.
I’m so honored that Abby and Zak invited me to be a part of their story.

Abby’s water broke nearly a full 24 hours earlier and labor progressed very slowly over that time.  When they let me know that Abby was finally at 5cm
and receiving small doses of pitocin to help things along, I headed right over to the hospital.
And by the time I arrived, Abby was already pushing.  Then almost 30 minutes later, the world was one person bigger, and
Abby and Zak were surprised with a sweet baby girl.  The doctor and nurses placed baby on mom’s chest before even looking to see what the sex was.
So when we all started wondering and asking, we all took a peak together before the room broke out in a joyous “IT”S A GIRL”!

Abby was so strong and amazing, and was able to keep to her birth plan of delivering her baby completely naturally.
I am totally in awe of her, and so happy for her and Zak.  They’re going to be great parents… and are in for one awesome ride!

Pippa Louise

born October 3, 2012 10:01 am

7lb 12oz

21 inches

Milwaukee Live Birth Photographer | Happy Birthday Louis

There are few experiences in life that are truly amazing… childbirth is definitely one of them.

When Cory and Jeremy invited me into the delivery room to welcome their newest family member I was thrilled, it was my first opportunity
to photograph a live birth.  I’ve been photographing their first daughter Darla for a couple of years and it’s so exciting to see their family grow.

When they let me know they were heading to the hospital we assumed we’d still have a bit of a wait ahead of us.  But only an hour later it seemed like baby
would arrive at any minute!  I literally ran through parking lots and hospital hallways (camera in tow) to try an make it in time.  But I made it.

Cory was so brave and strong, and Jeremy so gentle and nurturing to her.
After about 5 or 6 pushes, their were happily surprised with their first son.
Louis came into the world on a quiet Sunday evening, though he didn’t come quietly…

This was a truly beautiful and magical experience.

Congratulations to Cory and Jeremy and big sis Darla!  You are in for the best ride ever, as your family grows… so does your love.

Louis Matthew
born September 2, 2012  10:30 pm
7 lb. 12 oz.
20.5 inches

plus 2 inches of black hair! ♥