Milwaukee Children’s Lifestyle Photographer | Photogs and Trainiacs at the Mitchell Park Domes


Milwaukee has pretty great county parks system, with tons to experience in terms of education, numerous wedding and event venues
that are beautiful and affordable, and plenty of fun to be had by the little ones.
One of the best stops though, is the Mitchell Park Domes.  I vividly remember my Dad taking me there as little girl, and it’s just as awesome for my kids now.

When my colleague and friend Maggie (of Something Blue Images) told me of a special train exhibit taking place there, we packed up our little trainiacs 
(we both have 3 year old boys who LOVE trains),  and escaped the Wisconsin winter day in the warm weather climates of the Domes.

The exhibit was amazing, with realistic model trains weaving through a huge circus themed track.  And the controllers were so kind to the boys… 
letting them watch as they fixed different engines and engaging them in friendly conversation.  And they even let the boys each hold a Thomas
car that had broken down (which is a big deal).

We had such a great time, we might go back next week!

Ezra’s always excited and surprised.

Declan’s adorable face.

We managed to visit and explore the other 2 domes for a few minutes, before we headed right back to the trains.

his “i love trains” dance.

And Maggie was nice enough to snap a few pics of me and my Ezra..


For more information on the Mitchell Park Domes visit the Milwaukee County Parks site here.