Milwaukee Children’s Photographer | Sisters at Washington Park

Photographing these girls is always a whirlwind of excitement, loaded with smiles, giggles, a few tears… and usually some sass.
They are 3 little balls of adorable energy.  🙂

I’ve been photographing these sisters since the oldest was brand new, and I love to watch them grow and change.  Since this family lives out of state,
we like to try new locations for each of their sessions.  And this time I wanted to try the gorgeous park in my new neighborhood,
Washington Park (which I love).  But of course it was freezing cold that day.
 Yet these little goobers toughed it out and gave me a good {absolutely cooperative} ten minutes to work at the park.  
Then I invited them back to my home to thaw out, run around, and finish up our session.

I’ve been trying to get Mom and Dad in the photos for years… and I almost had them this time.
But, Mom told me that if they don’t participate next time, I can charge them double.  And I might hold them up to that!

But seriously… THOSE BOOTS!  They are too much cute.